Pippa Garner

Pippa Garner pushes back against systems of consumerism, marketing, and waste, has created a rich body of work including drawing, performance, sculpture, video, and installation over her four-decade-long career. Her uncompromising approach to life and practice has allowed her to interact with the worlds of illustration, editorial, television, and art without ever quite becoming beholden to them.

Garner began her practice in the 1960’s Pippa (then Phil) Garner was studying as a member of the highly regarded Transportation Design department at Art Center, California with plans to become a car stylist. It was the era of Muscle Cars and automobiles were pushing the limits of absurdity. Vehicles were being designed to appeal to our most basic desires for sex and safety and as such overcompensated with weight and size. Garner replied with a sculpture portraying the inevitable result of this car romance: half-human half-car.