Pippa Garner interviewed by Kate Wolf on the LARB podcast, November 27, 2021

Los Angeles Review of Books

Toronto Biennial of Art artist list announced, including Eric-Paul Riege, "What Water Knows, The Land Remembers," will run from March 26–June 5, 2022


Eric-Paul Riege performance as part of "Color Riot!: How Color Changed Navajo Textiles," December 11 from 11 AM–4 PM

Montclair Art Museum

Renée Reizman, "Pippa Garner’s Household Inventions Reimagine the World," November 15, 2021


Clifford Prince King included in "Black American Portraits," on view through April 17, 2022


Ben Davis, "In Pictures: See the Sharp, City-Spanning Art From the Long-Awaited Return of the Prospect New Orleans Triennial," featuring Eric-Paul Riege, November 11, 2021

Artnet News

Mary Jones, "Takako Yamaguchi: 7 + 7," November 2021

The Brooklyn Rail

Edward Siddons, "Two lovers kiss behind a tree: Clifford Prince King’s best photograph," October 27, 2021

The Guardian

Takako Yamaguchi, "7+7," October 16–November 20, 2021 (Solo)


"See if you can count the multitudes in these self-portraits by Clifford Prince King," October 13, 2021

Los Angeles Times

Beaux Mendes & Clifford Prince King donated works to the benefit auction.


Keith J. Varadi, "Jim DeFrance at STARS," October 13, 2021


Pippa Garner's exhibition at JOAN featured on "Greater LA" by Lindsay Preston-Zappas


Matt Stromberg and Elise Wouk Almino, "Your Concise Los Angeles Art Guide for October 2021"


"Interconnected and Ever-Expanding, Los Angeles Art is Piquing Our Gallery Brain," featuring Pippa Garner, October 2, 2021


Eric-Paul Riege in "P.5 Yesterday we said tomorrow," October 23, 2021–January 23, 2022

Prospect New Orleans

Eric-Paul Riege commissioned to make a new film premiering at The Shed, New York in September 2021

Unfinished Camp

Cat Kron, "Takako Yamaguchi," September 2021

Art Review

Takako Yamaguchi in "The Ocean," curated by Axel Weider, August 28–October 31, 2021

Bergen Kunsthall

Clifford Prince King "Where Beauty Softens Your Grief," Opening September 5, 2021 (Solo)

No Moon, Los Angeles

Pippa Garner "Immaculate Misconceptions," Opening September 18, 2021 (Solo)

JOAN, Los Angeles

Clifford Prince King "We Used to Lay Together," August 23–October 14, 2021 (Solo)

Light Work, New York

Beaux Mendes in "Palai," Palazzo Tamborino-Cezzi in Lecce, Italy, July 23rd through September 15th, 2021.

The Meeting

"Los Angeles Art Today is Dextrous, Incisive and Unafraid," featuring Takako Yamaguchi, July 2, 2021


Takako Yamaguchi in "With Pleasure: Pattern and Decoration in American Art 1972–1985," June 26–November 28, 2021

Hessel Museum of Art

Sheila Regan reviews "Eric-Paul Riege: (my god, YE’ii [1-2]) (jaatłoh4Ye’iitsoh [1–6]) (a loom between Me+U, dah ‘iistł’ǫ́)," June 11, 2021

Mn Artists

Liam Hess, "Inside the Intimate New York Photography Exhibition Celebrating Queer Chosen Families," featuring Clifford Prince King, June 4, 2021


Gracie Hadland, "Five Exhibitions to See in Los Angeles," featuring Takako Yamaguchi, May 26, 2021


On June 4-5, Eric-Paul Riege will perform on and around Jeffrey Gibson's installation

deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Eric-Paul Riege "(my god, YE’ii [1-2]) (jaatłoh4Ye’iitsoh [1–6]) (a loom between Me+U, dah ‘iistł’ǫ́)," 2021 (Solo)

Bockley Gallery, New Mexico

Review: Pippa Garner at Jeffrey Stark, New York City


"Pippa Garner and Hayden Dunham on the Struggle of Being Inside Bodies," May 19, 2021

Interview Magazine

Aruna D’Souza, "Artists in a Post-George Floyd, Mid-Pandemic World," featuring Clifford Prince King, May 13, 2021

New York Times

Antwuan Sargent, "New Talent," featuring Clifford Prince King, May 2021

Art in America

Brontez Purnell, "Head Rush," with Pippa Garner, April 2021

L'Officiel Art

Jesse Green, "Friends Who Grew Apart," featuring Clifford Prince King, April 12, 2021

T Magazine

Gracie Hadland, "With No Type of Story: Touring the Untied Mind of Pippa Garner," March 12, 2021


Dhyandra Lawson, "Celebrating Black History Month—Photography Collection Highlights, Part 1," featuring Clifford Prince King, February 26, 2021

LACMA Unframed

Eli Diner, "Five Los Angeles Shows to See this Month," featuring Pippa Garner, March 1, 2021



Novembre Global

Jake Yuzna, "Critics' Picks: Pippa Garner," February 2021


Travis Jeppesen, "Critics' Picks–Clifford Prince King," August 2020


Marjon Carlos, "Clifford Prince King’s Intimate Photographs of Black Queer Men," June 18, 2020


Fiona Alison Duncan, "Neke Carson Painted Andy Warhol With His Ass, Then Founded a Modeling Agency," May 6, 2020

Interview Magazine