Comedy of Erros

November 21–January 30, 2021

Silver linings rain or shine
That little red squiggle 
Only catches me sometimes 

Telling Typos
Comedy of Erros

Tightrope walking over crabs in a barrel
Don’t Slip 
slip slp [sic]

Into her mind’s dictatorship:
I only have the I right to write if I get it right I
Hubris! Human folly! 


Stop laughing already! This joke is not for
ilu (the neurodiversity justice movement c. 2022)

Remember how popular humor
Once came at the expense of another

What’s funny that isn’t harmful?

Latent genius
Depression my repression

I said if there’s one thing I don’want in the gallery
It’s a mannequin

OH! Hère i am again!  
Making monumental things happen 
with a bank account balance
too shallow to skip rocks on 

Ohhhh here I am again
Serving revolution
From the confines 
Of my bedroom 

How entitled are you to your pain
What are efficient actions

Every march a prayer not to go to full warfare
Every post a prayer “…”
Every prayer “…”

She wants to cum like
Few truly
Want their dreams 
To come real
Because who can deal 
with the Responsibility

Informational backing: 

  1. Theoretical contradictions can only be resolved through practical activity. It’s natural to learn by trial and error. Sh*** on our culture of fear of failure.
  1. Shame is a social affliction that’s so acutely felt in the body (life-threatening = exile), it’s often mistaken as an individual problem. It is so overwhelming, we often can’t identify what it is we are feeling. Shame is impossible to heal on one’s own; that we are alone is a fiction.

–Fiona Alison Duncan

COMEDY OF ERROS is a group exhibition at The Gallery @ in Los Angeles. Organized by Fiona Alison Duncan as an extension of her social practice Pillow Talk, the collection of works in the show explores both errors and eros and the messiness of their interrelatedness, spanning a range of entanglements, from economic to sensuous to linguistic. Featuring artists from five nations of North America, each exhibiting their own capacity for humor, pleasure, survival.

Vaquera, Val Breeder, Takako Yamaguchi, Sojourner Truth Parsons, SoiL Thornton, Reynaldo Rivera, Pippa Garner, Neke Carson, Matt Kenny, John Greyson, Ishi Glinsky, Fernando Mendez Corona, and Clifford Prince King, with archival materials on Ilona Staller and Florynce ‘Flo’ Kennedy

Thank you to Doc Johnson, The Los Angeles Public Library, and the Schlesinger Library at the Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University