Frieze Focus LA

Eric-Paul Riege

February 17–February 20, 2022

STARS is delighted to present new work by Eric-Paul Riege (Diné, b. 1994) for his solo booth at Frieze Los Angeles. The booth will have five of his signature hanging sculptures: one loom, a pair of large beadwork pieces and two plastic weavings, all of which were made from a broad range of organic and inorganic materials.

Based in Naʼnízhoozhí (Gallup, NM), Riege creates soft, woven sculptures and durational performances informed by his cultural and spiritual heritage. His work is permeated by a celebration of the process of togetherness and his queer Diné upbringing, including traditional stories, philosophies and dances.

Weaving in particular is a throughline of Riege’s practice, a tradition which not only joins together materials, but also different generations and even disparate species. Furthermore, he sees the work of dyeing and sewing as being propelled by memory, both personal and collective.

Riege regards his works as living entities, and interaction between people and the sculptures catalyzes their presence in the exhibition space. Visitors are encouraged to touch them, as their texture is a part of the experience. By performing this choreography, visitors inherit the role in a performance initially begun by the artist during the weaving of the sculptures.

Riege’s work was recently included in the Prospect New Orleans Triennial, Louisiana (2021), the SITElines Biennial, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2018), and he held his first institutional solo show at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (2019). He will be participating in the upcoming Toronto Biennial of Art and will hold his first solo show at STARS later this year. He earned a BFA in Studio Art and Ecology from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque in 2017.